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After School Clubs & Activities...

We host a variety of after school clubs and activities to keep your children amused and active.  For those not wishing to participate in extra curricular clubs and activities we also offer standard childcare every evening from 3-5.30pm...

After School Activities:                           



Gymnastics - 3pm - 4pm £4.50 

Earn badges, learn new skills whilst keeping fit!​​

​​Care is available every night between 3 - 5.30pm ​£4.25 per hour
For those not wishing to participate in additional club activities, we also offer non-club related child-care at Cheeky Chimps.

We have lots of arts and crafts for the children to do, games to play, a nintendo switch.

Or if your child would prefer to relax after school we also have a a quiet room they can chill in, its free play in our after school sessions, so is the children's' choice what they would like to do. 

We offer a snack at 3.30pm, such as;. crackers and cheese, scrambled egg on toast, wraps with salad, etc. fruit is also always available. 



All information and prices shown above refers to school year Sept 2013/July 2014. All fees shown are per person, per week, but will be invoiced in advance on a termly basis. (last updated 17.09.2013)

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